I find it interesting the incredibly huge opposition to this idea on the Runescape Wiki. For it to be implemented here on the portal wikis is useful, perhaps, and I may end up posting something here on a semi-regular basis in term of providing some feedback to the greater gaming community in terms of what is happening on the RS Wiki as well. There have been some very interesting discussions which have gone on, including some rather contentious issues that are unique to this wiki.

All things considered, I think I am opposed to adding this to the RS wiki and to local "gaming" wikis in general due to the fact that it is very difficult to maintain NPOV standards, and that it turns the wiki communities into more generic social networking communities. I would be very curious about the experience other gaming communities have had to this idea.

Certainly the experience with the "User Profile" feature and the point system as it exists on Halopedia has proven to be an utter disaster. It is important to note here that this blogging feature does not have to give any special distinction or status to users who choose to participate in this manner, and the issue of "points" for posting or editing is an issue that is completely different.