Speed Demos Archive was one of the first big online communities I was ever involved in, and as such I tend to check the site frequently. Yesterday's update brought us something quite interesting, far different than the typical platformers, Metroid clones and first-person shooters you usually see being broken to bits: a 3 hour, 30 minute speedrun of David Cage's adventure game/QTE simulator, Heavy Rain. It seems like an odd choice for a run, but the best part is that it's actually entertaining!

Utilizing forty-two segments to rush through the game as quickly as possible, the runner Greg Innes ends up with one of the worst possible endings, with Norman, Madison and Shaun dead, Ethan wrongfully accused of being the Origami Killer and subsequently committing suicide in prison, and the real Killer getting away scot-free. In other words, if you like your speedruns depressing, you've got your fix right here. A separate run of The Taxidermist DLC is in the verification workbench, and is expected to hit the site proper soon.

Look below to see the entire run in an embedded format or, if you want to download the run in a higher quality, you can head over here instead.


For more information about the game Heavy Rain, please visit the Heavy Rain Wiki.

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