Heart of the Swarm SC2 Cover1
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is right around the corner. The Zerg army stands at the core of this game, and with the Hive onslaught comes a load of new features, gameplay changes, units, and expansive story arcs.

Blizzard has given Wikia and the StarCraft community an excellent opportunity ask questions and get answers directly from the developers themselves! Specifically, we'll be chatting with one of the team's multiplayer designers. Want to know more about the changes to the multiplayer experience? Or how these changes will effect the pro-StarCraft scene? Let us know all your questions by leaving them in the comments below, but be quick! You only have until tomorrow morning, March 6th, to get your questions in!

While of course Blizzard can't answer everything, we will do our best to get you all the answers you seek. Be sure to spread the word and come back here later to see your questions answered!