Airmech pax wip

Kotaku previews the upcoming mecha RTS AirMech from Carbon Games, a giant robot game that looks very familiar to the Sega Genesis classic Herzog Zwei, one of the earliest real-time strategy games.

James Green of Carbon Games explained that the game is also inspired by the popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III, which, aside from a plethora of clones, is also getting a sequel from Valve.

"Think of the AirMech as your hero," Green explained, "and you also select a Pilot, and then the 8 units you take into battle. As you level up, you unlock AirMechs/Pilots/Units and then can customize your loadout that way—light/fast/cheap units for rushing, heavy units for defense, etc."

AirMech is currently being developed on PC, but it plays well with either mouse and keyboard or a gamepad, so it might eventually be ported to consoles. The game doesn't have a publisher yet, but after some enthusiastic previews from PAX, it might not be the case for long. Here's some gameplay footage:


Source: Kotaku