Super Mario Galaxy is a 3D platformer for Wii. Many assume this is the Super Mario 128 sequel to Super Mario 64 than Super Mario Sunshine, because it lacks a platformer gimmick like FLUDD. In it, miniature planets are the platforms, where Wii's Controller is used to go from planet to planet, as well as bat away objects. Mario is controlled with the Nunchuk attachment's Analog stick.



The game takes place in space. Apparently alien civilizations aren't different from the Mushroom Kingdom, because some trademark Mario baddies can be found, such as Bullet Bills and Goombas. This space setting provides a direction-less, MC Escher like feeling, where Mario will sometimes be sideways or upside down.

Each planetoid can be a small platform with a few obstacles or larger, traditional looking level. The small ones can be run around in a few seconds. Before moving on to the next planet/platform, you sometimes have to complete an objective like defeating an enemy on that platform. This is continued until you reach the end of the level. Mario has a few new moves, like doing a tornado spin that will bat away enemies and give him a boost, which is executed by shaking the controller. The motion sensing is also used to rocket Mario from planet to planet.