Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is an enhanced remake of Super Mario Bros. for the Game Boy Color. The graphics are the same as the original, but the player has more color to work with, giving it a clean and refreshed look. Since this is a single-player game, the player can choose to be either Mario or Luigi as playable characters.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe has a few different modes to play. When the player plays the original 1985 version of the game and completes it, they unlock two other modes; Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels for "Super Players" and "you vs. Boo". There is also a multi-player mode where the player can play Mario vs. Luigi when they can connect two Game Boy Colors or Game Boy Advances together.

Mario vs. Luigi is a race between the two players trying to reach the flag pole before their opponent. There are a hand full of totally new courses made to race on. The You vs. Boo mode is exactly identical except for it being the single-player equivalent and the player must race a Boo instead of an opponent.