Spooky's House of Jump Scares is an indie survival horror game distributed through Steam.


Spooky, the ghost girl and titular character of the game, invites the player into her house and challenges the player into exploring all 1,000 rooms. The first several rooms provide nothing more than cute cardboard cut-outs popping up at the player. That is, until the "specimens" begin pursuing the player.

It is discovered later on that Spooky aided in the release of several specimens and her so-called "presents" are nothing more than ploys to kill the player. As the player progresses, Spooky gets more and more frustrated that her traps aren't working.


Throughout the entirety of the game, specimens (All except for Specimen 1, the cute cardboard cutouts) will chase the player and attempt to kill them. As the player progresses, new specimens are introduced.

Room Layouts

Rooms that aren't part of the main storyline are randomly generated and may feature various furniture, including paintings, desks, and chairs.