Sonic Adventure (Japanese: ソニックアドベンチャー, Sonikku Adobenchā) is a 1998 Action Platform video game by SEGA, for the Dreamcast, being the first Sonic game released on the system. It was later re-released on GameCube and Microsoft Windows as Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, which included bonus content and updated graphics. Development was supported by NOW Production. A high-definition update[1] was also released in 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store.


Each character has their own story, however, they collide at numerous points. Sonic's story starts off with him in a blocked off portion of the city, fighting a creature known as "Chaos". After beating it, a cutscene plays, which shows Sonic enjoying the beach, relaxing on a sunbathing chair. He notices Tails flying above, however, his plane begins to sputter and ultimately crashes somewhere along the coast. Sonic finds him, and the duo head back to the pool area. Tails laughs it off, saying he was trying out a new fuel source: the chaos emerald. He then invites Sonic over to his workshop where he is approached by Dr. Eggman and fights his machine: The EGG HORNET. After defeating Dr. Eggman, a stone appears in front of Tail's workshop, which is the key to unlock the level Windy Valley.



There are 3 main hub worlds in this game, they are:

However, you will spend most of your time at Station Square and Mystic Ruins.



Each character has certain levels available to them, and each character has a specific goal:

*Sonic - Reach the end of the level and rescue the animals from the capsule (a homage to the original Sonic the Hedgehog)
*Tails - Beat Sonic to the end of the level.
  • Knuckles - Find the three pieces of the Master Emerald.
  • Amy - Escape from the mechanical robot.
  • Big - Find froggy.
  • E-102 Gamma - Destroy the target.














Super SonicEdit

Unlockable GamesEdit

Note: The Mini-Game collection was omitted from the HD versions, for unknown reasons. It was to be included in the Dreamcast version but was removed due to time constraints.

Reception & LegacyEdit

Sonic Adventure was very popular, and sold 2.5 million units, making it the best selling Dreamcast game. [2]

Main GameEdit

Title Image Description Reward [Note 1]
Miles "Tails" Prower
Become friends with Tails. Bronze / 10G
Knuckles the Echidna
Become friends with Knuckles. Bronze / 10G
Amy Rose
Become friends with Amy. Bronze / 10G
E-102 "γ"
Become friends with E-102. Bronze / 10G
Big the Cat
Become friends with Big. Bronze / 10G
Sonic the Hedgehog
Clear the Sonic story. Bronze / 10G
Super Sonic
Clear all characters stories. Bronze / 20G
The Fastest & Strongest
SADX-The Fastest & Strongest
Get Level A on all the Action Stages. Silver / 20G
Sub Game Master
SADX-Sub Game Master
Get all Emblems of the Sub Games. Silver / 20G
Chao's Best Friend
SADX-Chao's Best Friend
Get all Emblems of the Chao Race. Silver / 20G
The Adventurer
SADX-The Adventurer
Get all Emblems in the Adventure Field. Silver / 20G
The Perfect Adventurer
SADX-The Perfect Adventurer
Get 130 Emblems. Gold / 40G


Title Image Description Reward [Note 1]
Metal Sonic
SADX-Metal Sonic
Get all 130 Emblems by playing Sonic Adventure DX. Bronze / 15G
Metal Sonic Master
Get Level A on all the Action Stages by using Metal Sonic. Silver / 15G
Mission All Accomplished
SADX-Mission All Accomplished
Clear all 60 missions. Gold / 20G


  • The game is notable for being very glitchy, allowing speedrunners to finish the game in just 40 minutes.
  • There's a strange glitch were other characters can access stages that they weren't originally meant to enter. They don't spawn where Sonic spawns however, potentially indicating that the levels were intended to be playable by these characters.
  • An unused Dragon Boss was found in the game's files. A demonstration can be found here
  • In the game's files, it is possible to find the game's characters saying things such as "Sonic Team" and "SEGA"
  • Speed Highway made an appearance in Sonic Generations.
  • Hot Shelter is the only level that cannot be played as Sonic
  • Achievements were recently introduced into the Steam version, however are not yet working as of September 2014. Online Leaderboards are also absent.
  • There are purple boarders on the game screen on the HD port, due to programming difficulties.
  • Online features were absent from the GameCube version, despite being included in the Dreamcast.
  • Cream the Rabbit makes multiple appearances, notably after the player leaves Casinopolis, and shortly after Amy's story begins.
  • NiGHTS makes a cameo in the Casinopolis stage.
  • Sonic Adventure was the first Sonic game to have downloadable content, see Sonic Adventure/DLC for a full list.


  • The game was originally titled Sonic RPG and was to be released on the Sega Saturn
  • It was originally intended for you to be able to play as Super Sonic during levels. Mods make this possible, however. [Note 2]
  • It was intended that Station Square would be connected, as you can see an untextured, hovering portion of the Casino Area in the debug mode [or by glitching out of the map, as demonstrated below].
  • The train in Station Square was originally meant to leave and return periodically, hence the "train to Station Square/Mystic Ruins is departing soon" dialogue.
  • Windy Valley was completely different in the Beta version, and there are mods which reconstruct it.
  • Amy and Big were originally playable in the level, potentially meaning all characters could play the stage.
  • Knuckles was originally able to uppercut. This was removed from the full game for unknown reasons.
  • Emerald Coast experienced minor changes.
  • The chase with Orca originally had no dash-pads.
  • In Big's level, Froggy was originally located in a secret passage.


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  2. The voice clip can be found here. Skip to 0:54 for the actual voice clip!


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