Shrek The Third is a video game based on the 2007 DreamWorks Animation animated film of the same name. The game was released on May 14, 2007 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance. A PSP version was released in June.[1] It was developed by 7 Studios, Gameloft, Amaze Entertainment and Vicarious Visions and published by Activision.[2]

The storyline of Shrek the Third is based on the film; Shrek has to find Arthur to have him serve as king of Far Far Away while Prince Charming attempts to storm the city and take the throne by force. Players can play as main characters from the film, including Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Princess Fiona, Fiona's cousin Arthur and Sleeping Beauty. The game consists of 20 levels, some of which branch off from the main story of the movie, and features both single- and multi-player play.

Story mode


There are 6 characters you can play as, all 5 of the movies' main characters, Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Artie, Princess Fiona, and one of the supporting characters, Sleeping Beauty. Puss in Boots is the only character that can double jump. Gingy, King Harold and Pinocchio are voiced by their movie actors. The Penguins of Madagascar make a special appearance in the pirate ship level in one of the corner crates. You find Kowalski and Skipper says, "We're going to the wide open spaces of Antarctica, to the wild.", just like in the first "Madagascar".

Levels and quests

There are 20 levels in Shrek the Third. The levels are highly linear, but with side paths containing goodies for the completion of the various mission-style quests. Each level has 3 or 5 quests in them.


There are numerous boxes, barrels, and other smashables scattered around the levels. Most contain fairy dust for use in special attacks but a few contain coins and food. In addition, there are coins of gold and red colors (called Far Far Pounds), often just lying around, but sometimes in smashables or treasure chests. Under certain circumstances, enemies can also give coins.

Gold coins are worth 3 pounds and red coins are worth 10 pounds.

Completing levels

After completing a level, the player is awarded bonus Far Far Pounds, the game's currency used for purchasing items in the gift shop. The difficulty setting multiplies the bonuses obtained.


Shrek the Third has fighting with fists and swords against various enemies such as pirates, guards, jocks, and witches. After an enemy has sustained several hits, a finishing move can be used on him/her. Felled enemies will drop fairy dust that will fill up the three-part special attack meter. Bad guys are pirates, demons, evil knights, wicked witches, tennis players, as well as Prince Charming himself.


There are 6 minigames in Shrek the Third. Playing them does not affect the main game (that is, no bonus Far Far Pounds are awarded). By obtaining a high enough score after each game (the amount varies depending on the game), three different medals are awarded: bronze, silver and gold (in order from lowest to highest).


The original musical soundtrack of the Shrek the Third video game was composed by Winifred Phillips and produced by Winnie Waldron with additional music by Geoff Zanelli.[3]


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