London Studio is an in-house Sony Computer Entertainment developer located in London. Established in 1993, London Studio is Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s largest internal development studio, with staff working in a purpose designed 7-storey building located in London's Soho district. The development group includes Team SOHO (creators of The Getaway), the R&D group responsible for EyeToy, and various other research and development groups dedicated to the production of PlayStation games and development tools across all of SCE's gaming platforms. SCE London Studio operates as part of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.



PlayStation 2

  • SingStar series
    • SingStar
    • SingStar Party
    • SingStar Pop
    • SingStar '80s
    • SingStar Rocks!
    • SingStar Anthems
    • SingStar Legends
    • SingStar Pop Hits
    • SingStar 90s
    • SingStar Amped
    • SingStar Rock Ballads
    • SingStar R&B
    • SingStar Summer Party
    • SingStar ABBA
  • This Is Football series
    • This Is Football 2002
    • This Is Football 2003
    • This Is Football 2004
    • This Is Football 2005


PlayStation 3

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