Red Dead Revolver is a western third-person shooter video game published by Rockstar Games and developed by Rockstar San Diego. It was released in North America on May 4, 2004, for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.


The game's development stalled when it was dropped by Capcom. In 2002, Rockstar Games purchased the game and expanded on it. Changing from an American western to a Spaghetti Western allowed the developers to add more blood and over-the-top characters.

The game reproduces a "grainy film" effect and uses music from various Spaghetti Western films, including those composed by Ennio Morricone.


The game takes place in the late 1880s. Nate Harlow and his partner "Griff" have found gold in Bear Mountain. Griff is later captured by the Mexican military and condemned to be shot as a spy. He offers to give the General, Javier Diego, half of the gold on Bear Mountain if he spares his life. Diego agrees. Later, the General sends Colonel Daren, his right-hand man, to kill Nate Harlow and his family. Daren shoots Nate and his wife, but Nate's son, Red, manages to shoot Daren's arm off using his father's gun, which he retrieved from burning rubble, scarring his hand with a scorpion shaped scar, and escapes.

Red grows up to be a bounty hunter. The game begins with him battling a gang led by Bloody Tom. Hoping to claim the bounty on the gang, he takes the bodies to the town of Widow's Patch. In Widow's Patch, he is attacked by the Ugly Chris gang. He and the sheriff are able to eliminate the gang, but the sheriff is badly wounded, and has to travel to the town of Brimstone for a doctor.

After Red drops off the sheriff of Widow's Patch at Brimstone, the sheriff of Brimstone asks Red to take care of some criminals for him. After they are killed, he asks for the bounty on the criminals' heads, but the bank manager says to him that the gold wagon has not arrived yet; then he learns that one of the townsfolk, Annie Stoakes, is in danger of losing her farm to the bank, whose manager, Governor Griffin, also owns the Bear Mountain gold mine. Remembering that his family was killed over that mine, he goes to talk to her to find more information. This leads him to the sheriff of Brimstone, where he finds out that General Diego and Colonel Daren killed his parents, and that there is a bounty on them.

He later learns during a quick-draw competition, called the Battle Royale, that the governor is Griff, who sold out his parents to General Diego. Griff orders Red to be killed by quick-draw champion Mr. Kelley, but Red kills Kelley and pursues Griff to his mansion. There, Red shoots Griff in a quick-draw showdown. After Red kills Griff, the sheriff offers Red some gold, but he refuses it, instead taking Griff's Scorpion Revolver. Red says "It never was about the money."


 Red Dead Revolver
Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 75%[1]
Review scores
Publication Score
Electronic Gaming Monthly 4.83/10
Game Informer 8/10
GameSpot 7.3/10
GameSpy 5/5
IGN 7/10

Red Dead Revolver received mixed to favourable reviews. It received an average score of 75% of GameRankings. As of March 12, 2008, Red Dead Revolver has sold 1.5 million copies according to Take-Two Interactive.[2][3]


Rumors of a sequel began circulating in 2005 when Rockstar showed a video of an Old West horseback rider running on early PlayStation 3 hardware. Rockstar was fairly secretive with a game in the works, simply known as "Old West Project".

On February 4, 2009, Red Dead Redemption, a spiritual successor to "Revolver," was announced for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for a fall 2009 release.[4] It was later delayed until Q4 2009, which spans November 2009 through January 31, 2010.[5] On November 27, it was announced that Red Dead Redemption would see a U.S .release date of April 27, 2010.[6] On March 3, 2010, Take-Two Interactive announced Red Dead Redemption had been delayed to May 18, 2010, on which it was released in the US[7] and on the 21st in Europe and Australia.


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