Power Rangers Time Force Is a Beat EM up Action Adventure Game Based On TV TV SHOW ON FOX KIDS For The PlayStation Gameboy Advance Gameboy color and PC Play as 6 power rangers  Wes Red  Lucas Blue Trip Green Kaite Yellow  Jen Pink And Eric Quantum Seven Stages on the PS1 Version.

A Nintendo 64 Was Planned to be A Beat em up same version as the PlayStation Version but it was Cancelled

A Dremcast PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Versions Were To Be A Hack and Slash Third Persion Shooter Action Adventure RPG Brawler But these Versions Were Cancelled For unknown Reasons

Stages PlayStation Version

Stage 1 Path To Silver Hills Boss Barbatron

Stage 2 Hostage of Time Boss Clawiwng

Stage 3 Pearl on the High Seas BOSS

Stage 4 Dawn of Time Boss Nadira

Stage 5 Midnight Castle Boss Gluto

Stage 6 Colliseum of Frax Boss Frax

Stage 7 (Final Stage) The Final Mutation Boss Nadira Frax & Ransik      Frax & Ransik Are The 2  Final Bosses on This Stage.