Outlaw Volleyball is a video game based on the sport of volleyball. It was originally published for Xbox and included a sampler CD of tunes by cover band Diffuser. It was later ported to PlayStation 2 with two new courts and a handful of additional player costumes, accessories, etc. under the title Outlaw Volleyball Remixed. The game features Steve Carell as the announcer.


The game follows the normal rules of volleyball. However different modes can be selected. Such as Hot Potato where the ball is played until a timer is full and then explodes upon impact of the nearest player. Casino round, where the longer the volley, the more money the scoring team on that play gets. Limit is five dollars. The last is Side Out where only the serving team can score. These modes are mixed together to increase difficulty.


Fighting with other characters in an option before a serve where a player can choose to fight an opponent on the other side of the net. If the player wins they earn the victims momentum bar. Beating tokens are earned after great plays and a turnover of the serve.


16 characters are available in this game:

  • Leon, a hard sportsman.
  • Lizzy, a punk girl of the gang.
  • El Suave, a famous Dom Juan Mexican.
  • Shawnee, a Native American girl.
  • Ice Trey, an expert wigger.
  • Doe Joe, a Japanese fan of Elvis.
  • Summer, a sexy blonde girl.
  • Clem, a smelly guy.
  • Donna, the queen of the district.
  • Chica, a proud one and super Puerto Rican.
  • Natasha, a Russian soldier woman.
  • Harley, a pure biker woman.
  • Harvest, a girl known for her hippie style.
  • Killer Miller, an assassin known for his lack of love.
  • Nikki, a fan of rock'n'roll.
  • Scrummy, an Irishman who spends his time drinking.

Locations on the Tour

Outlaw Volleyball Red Hot!

A version of game released by Hypnotix and video rental chain Blockbuster as an exclusive. The game's setting is in Hell with the only court being The Pit of Hell.


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