Nogginknockers X: The Duel is a computer game by Bloodlust Software released in 2000.



This first Bloodlust Software game crafted after the departure of Icer Addis and the beginning of what has been christened 'the Click era' in Bloodlust Software history by fans. Not having a programmer to rely on, Ethan Petty created the game using The Games Factory which was a controversial move amongst Bloodlust Software fans. While gorgeous in graphics and visuals, some considered its gameplay to be lacking; most notably, the inability to choose individual characters upset many fans.


  • A 'versus system' unique to only this sequel. Players choose battles instead of characters.
  • Foreground traps and obstacles which affect gameplay and strategy.
  • Hilarious cinematics!
  • Hidden heads!
  • Eight unique paddles!
  • Cameos from many other Bloodlust Software characters.


Playable Characters

Non-playable Characters

(This list is incomplete.)


Nogginknockers X: The Duel should not be considered Nogginknockers III. Though sequentially the third in the series, Ethan Petty dubbed the game an eXperiment in what he could do by himself and what Bloodlust Software would be without a dedicated programmer. Hence the Nogginknockers X title.


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