No More Heroes is an action video game for the Nintendo Wii. It is directed by Suda51, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Marvelous Interactive Inc., Spike, Ubisoft and Rising Star Games.


The story follows Travis Touchdown, who is a stereotypical otaku with his motel room decorated with professional wrestling and anime collectibles and is living in near poverty in the motel "NO MORE HEROES" of Santa Destroy, California. Having run out of money to buy video games and wrestling videos after winning a beam katana in an Internet auction, Travis accepts the offer to kill the drifting assassin Helter Skelter. Doing so earns him rank eleven by the United Assassins Association, a body of assassins with a significantly shady background. After being informed that he has made himself a target for aspiring assassins, Travis sets out to secure himself the coveted position as the UAA's number one assassin.