The Nintendo 3DS (often abbreviated to 3DS) is a Nintendo portable video game console and is the successor to the Nintendo DS and features 3D technology without 3D glasses. The 3DS features backwards compatibility with Nintendo DS software, from Nintendo DSi to Nintendo DS. The 3DS handheld was announced at E3 2010. It is a direct competitor to the PlayStation Vita handheld console.

Design of the 3DS

The 3DS retains some of its old components from the DS. It still has a directional pad and an A, B, X and Y button. Along with those, it has new features: a circle pad that acts the same way as a D-pad; a home button on the bottom of the lower screen; an expandable stylus; two outer cameras enabling 2D and 3D photography,  one inner camera for 2D photography only, similar to the Nintendo DSi, an SD card slot, and a 3D depth slider. However, it lacks the Game Boy Advance game slot the Nintendo DS Lite had. It has features such as augmented reality, so they come with AR cards.


This isn't Nintendo's first attempt at a 3D console. The Virtual Boy was a failed attempt at creating 3D in 1995. The Virtual Boy, due to it being released earlier than intended and nauseating effects of the 3D, became a commercial failure for Nintendo. They thought that a 3D video game console was impossible, but despite this, Nintendo continued anyway. After experimenting with a 3D display on a Game Boy Advance SP, (which was only a test GBA SP and was never meant to be released and never did) they went on to create the 3DS.

Launch Titles


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