Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis is a game for the Nintendo DS that puts two old rivals, Mario and Donkey Kong, back at it again. This time the two foes battle each other with toys from the Mario Toy Company.


The Mario Toy Company has made so much money off of the Mini Mario toys that they've decided to open a company. Mario must direct his army of Mini Mario toys against Donkey Kong and his crew of familiar baddies in order to rescue Pauline.


The game is played by Mario directing Mini-Marios around obstacles and enemies to the stage exit. At least one must make it to the exit or it becomes a dictator. Mario must work his way through the building and rescue the distressed damsel.


The Touch Screen is the primary means of controlling the minis. Drawing lines through the minis directs their movement. Drawing a horizontal line through a mini causes it to move in the drawn direction and drawing a vertical line up from a mini makes him jump.

Minis automatically jump one square, and will automatically turn around when they reach a wall. Minis also marches right off cliffs.


There are nine floors, numbered one through eight, and the roof. Each floor is made up of nine rooms, a mini game, and a DK battle. The rooms must be cleared in order to progress to the next level. Each room also contains a Mini Mario Card. Mario must collect all nine cards from a floor to unlock the mini game. Clear all the rooms, and unlock the DK Battle.

Each floor has its own Construction Kit, a template of that is used to design the rooms in that floor.

Floor Construction Kits
1Mushroom Mayhem
2Tropical Island
3Pipe Works
4Magnet Mania
5Lava Dome
6Toadstool Castle
7Spooky Attic
8Jungle Hijinks

Items and Mechanisms

  • Coins and Large Coins Each level has a certain number of coins. Large coins are worth ten small coins.
  • Mini Mario Cards There are nine cards per floor, and Mario must collect them all to unlock the minigame. The cards, when collected, spells MINIMARIO.
  • Hammers Mario must bring Mini Marios with the hammers to defeat foes. and draw a line straight up from Mario's mini to throw the hammers away.
  • Fire Flower Mario must blast his enemies with Firepower before it fades off.
  • Gold Mini Mario If this mini is the last in the chain to exit the room, a bonus score multiplier becomes awarded.
  • Color Blocks Mario must tap these blocks to collect them, and tap the empty spaces to fill them in to bridge gaps.
  • Metal Bars Mini Marios can grab these bars, and rotate as Mario rotates the handle.
  • Elevator Up to two Mini Marios can ride these elevators. Mario must operate the elevator by tapping on the control panel.