Luigi's Mansion is a action adventure horror game that was a Nintendo GameCube launch title. It was released in North America on November 17, 2001. This is the second game that stars Luigi as the main protagonist (the first being Mario is Missing!). Luigi's Mansion is a Player's Choice title. The game was followed by a sequel: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


Luigi receives a notice in the mail that he has won a contest; a contest that he didn't even enter. His reward: a mansion. Excited, he tells Mario about it, and the two agree to meet there as a housewarming party. Luigi travels through a dark, scary forest, and at the end, stumbles upon the eerie mansion resting at the top of a hill, surrounded by a large metal gate. Luigi enters the mansion with nothing but a flashlight and all the courage he can muster. Mario is nowhere to be found.

After some brief exploring, Luigi enters a pitch dark room, shaking violently, and is greeted by several ghosts coming towards him. Out of nowhere, a small, but determined man using what appears to be a vacuum cleaner to attack the ghosts briefly acquaints himself with Luigi, before the two run out of the mansion, outnumbered, and regroup at the sanctuary of his laboratory, which sits just outside the mansion. The man introduces himself as Professor Elvin Gadd and mentions that someone who looked similar to Luigi went inside the mansion and never came out: Mario.

The Professor equips Luigi with the Poltergust 3000, a powerful vacuum cleaner that supposedly has the power to "suck up" ghosts and re-enters the mansion, ready to save his brother.


From the beginning of the game, Luigi has the ability to use the flashlight to light his path and stun ghosts. This can be used in conjunction with he Poltergust 3000 to effectively capture ghosts. Each ghost has a life meter which decreases when being sucked up by the Poltergust 3000. Later in the game, Luigi can discover elements that can be expelled from the Poltergust 3000: ice, water, and fire. Luigi can interact with furniture, such as opening dressers and drawers. Luigi travels from room to room, capturing all the ghosts in the room which will result in the light turning on and, in most cases, a treasure chest appearing somewhere in the room that either contains riches or keys.

While a majority of the ghosts are easy to capture, some of the ghosts, appropriately named "portrait ghosts", require special circumstances to capture, which involves them exposing their weak spot: the heart. They release pearls when pursued, and the longer Luigi can hold on to them, the bigger the pearls.

The game is broken up into different "Areas" which more of the mansion becomes accessible the more areas the player clears. At the end of an Area, a boss battle ensues, and if the player is victor, they will return to Professor E.Gadd's lab to tally up the loot and ghosts caught. Depending on how fast Luigi sucks up the portrait ghosts affect the quality of their portrait: bronze, silver, and gold.

Ghosts and other Enemies

Portrait Ghosts

  • Neville, The Bookish Father - Found in The Study
  • Lydia, The Mirror-Gazing Mother - Found in the Master Bedroom
  • Chauncy, The Spoiled Baby - Found in the Nursery - AREA BOSS
  • The Floating Whirlindas, The Dancing Couple - Found in the Ball Room
  • Shivers, The Wandering Butler - Found in the First Floor Hallway
  • Melody Pianissima, The Beautiful Pianist - Found in the Conservatory
  • Madame Clairvoya, The Freaky Fortune-Teller - Found in Fortune-Teller's Room
  • Mr. Luggs, The Glutton - Found in the Dining Room
  • Spooky, The Hungry Guard Dog - Found in The Boneyard
  • Bogmire, The Cemetery Shadow - Found in the Graveyard - AREA BOSS
  • Biff Atlas, The Bodybuilder - Found in the Rec Room
  • Miss Petunia, The Bathing Beauty - Found in the Second Floor Bathroom
  • Nana, The Scarf-Knitting Granny - Found in Nana's Room
  • Slim Bankshot, The Lonely Poolshark - Found in the Billiards Room
  • Henry and Orville, The Twin Brothers - Found in the Twins' Room
  • Boolossus, Jumbo Ghost - Found on the Balcony - AREA BOSS
  • Uncle Grimmly, Hermit of the Darkness - Found in the Wardrobe Room
  • Clockwork Soldiers, The Toy Platoon - Found in the Clockwork Room
  • Sue Pea, The Dozing Girl - Found in the Guest's Room
  • Jarvis, The Jar Collector - Found in Ceramics Studio
  • Sir Weston, The Chilly Climber - Found in Cold Storage
  • Vincent Van Gore, The Starving Artist - Found in the Artist's Studio
  • King Boo, The Big Boo Boss and Bowser, The King Koopa turtle - Final BOSS


There are 50 Boos total. All 50 of the Boos have names, except 15 of them which combine together to create the Big Boo Boss; Boolossus.

  • PeekaBoo
  • GumBoo
  • Booigi
  • Kung Boo
  • Boogie
  • Booligan
  • Boodacious
  • Boo La La
  • Boohoo
  • ShamBoo
  • GameBoo
  • Boomeo
  • Booregard
  • TurBoo
  • Booris
  • Boolivia
  • Boonita
  • Boolicious
  • TaBoo
  • BamBoo
  • GameBoo Advance
  • Bootha
  • Boonswoggle
  • LimBooger
  • Mr. Boojangles
  • UnderBoo
  • Boomerang
  • Little Boo Peep
  • TamBoorine
  • Booscaster
  • Bootique
  • Boolderdash
  • Booripides
  • Booffant
  • Boo B. Hatch

The Mansion

The mansion consists of five floors including the basement and the roof, and there are a total of 58 rooms.

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