Law & Order: Double or Nothing is a computer game released in 2003. The game is based on the popular US television series, Law & Order. It's the second Law & Order game after Law & Order: Dead on the Money.


The game caused controversy in the UK in 2007 after it was discovered that an in-game image depicting a fictional child abduction was in reality a genuine CCTV still of murdered toddler James Bulger being kidnapped by his killers.

Because of this, Global Software Publishing, the game's UK distributors, withdrew it from the shelves. A spokesman for the game's developer, Legacy Interactive, said they were only made aware of the offending picture on June 17, 2007.

"Obviously the game was out almost five years ago and this is the first time we knew anything about it otherwise we would never have put it out," the spokesman said.[1]

An update patch is planned to be released that will remove the image from the game for anyone that has already purchased the title with the image of Bulger.

Critical reception

On the review aggregator GameRankings, the game received an average score of 70% based on 24 reviews.[2] On Metacritic, the game received an average score of 74 out of 100, based on 17 reviews — indicating "mixed or average reviews."[3]


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