The humans have terraformed and colonized the other planets in the Solar System, and established the Space Federation to recognize sovereignty of individual colonies independent of the government on Earth. The politics of the Space Federation was split geographically. The "Neo Terrans" are a faction consisting of humans born and raised on Earth, believing in their superiority and trying to hold on to their old power. On the other hand, the "New Solars" are a faction of colonists living on the other planets or space colonies, who desire equal rights for the colonists.

Donny Bohgan is the captain of a transport battleship of the Space Federation. His ship has received command to transport two female officers of the Federation from Titan to Earth. Donny and his crew are actually die-hard Neo Terran extremists in secret. They have received secret instructions to brainwash the two officers, who belonged to the New Solar faction, during the passage from Titan to Earth...

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