FIFA Football 2005, also known as FIFA Soccer 2005, FIFA 2005 or simply FIFA 05, is a football video game released in 2004. It was developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation Portable, GameCube, mobile phone, Gizmondo, N-Gage and the Game Boy Advance. The tagline for the game was: "A great player needs a great first touch". FIFA Football 2005 was the twelfth game in the FIFA Football series, the ninth in 3D and it the final game released in North America for the PlayStation. FIFA Football 2005 marks the first time FIFA Football has been developed seventh generation handheld game consoles.

Improving the career mode, the game was extensively advertised and released much sooner than the usual late October date to avoid proximity with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and the EA Big release, FIFA Street. While some critics still considered it to have inferior gameplay to Konami's series, it was acknowledged to have improved significantly since the 2003 edition.

The game featured a return of create-a-player mode, as well as an improved, 15 season-long career mode. The game's biggest difference compared to previous titles was the inclusion of first-touch gameplay which provided gamers the ability to perform "real-life" tricks and passes. It was also the first version to feature the full Mexican League, which boosted sales in the United States. [citation needed] The soundtrack was headlined by British DJ Paul Oakenfold, who composed the FIFA Theme especially for the game. This was the last PlayStation 1 title ever to be released.

The main cover for the game featured Patrick Vieira, Fernando Morientes and Andriy Shevchenko. On the North American cover Oswaldo Sánchez replaced Patrick Vieira.[1]

John Motson provides commentary with Ally McCoist on special comments in the English version of the game.


There are a total of 25 complete leagues representing 18 countries in FIFA Football 2005. The game also includes a "rest of the world" division for clubs that are included in the game but not that club's entire league system. Some notable omissions include the leagues of the Czech Republic, Argentina, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Ukraine, Republic of Ireland and Russia.

1Sheffield United feature in 2003-04 kit
2MSV Duisburg feature in 2003-04 kit
3New league for this edition

Rest Of World

This section is for the clubs whose leagues are not represented in the game. There are 12 teams from 5 different countries.

National Teams

FIFA 2005 has 39 teams in its international division. Some of the more notable exclusions are Japan (who made it into the round of 16 in the 2002 World Cup, but whose licensing rights currently belong to Konami, despite having a Japanese soundtrack), South Korea (whose national league is featured in the game, finished fourth in the 2002 World Cup and was in FIFA Football 2004), the Netherlands (which also has their national league featured in the game) and Senegal (who made it into the quarter-finals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup and was in FIFA Football 2004). The following international teams are playable in FIFA 2005:

  • Flag of Argentina
  • Flag of Australia
  • Flag of Austria
  • Flag of Belgium
  • Flag of Brazil
  • Flag of Bulgaria
  • Flag of Cameroon
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China
  • Flag of Costa Rica
  • Flag of Croatia
  • Flag of the Czech Republic
  • Flag of Denmark
  • Flag of England
  • Flag of Finland
  • Flag of France
  • Flag of Germany
  • Flag of Greece
  • Flag of Hungary
  • Flag of Italy
  • Flag of Mexico
  • Flag of Nigeria
  • Flag of Northern Ireland
  • Flag of Norway
  • Flag of Paraguay
  • Flag of Poland
  • Flag of Portugal
  • Flag of the Republic of Ireland
  • Flag of Romania
  • Flag of Russia
  • Flag of Scotland
  • Flag of Slovenia
  • Flag of Spain
  • Flag of Sweden
  • Flag of Switzerland
  • Flag of Tunisia
  • Flag of Turkey
  • Flag of the United States
  • Flag of Uruguay
  • Flag of Wales


There are 30 arenas in FIFA 05, 20 of which are real-life stadiums. The other 10 are generic stadiums for teams that do not have a signature stadium in the game. The following stadiums are featured in FIFA 05:

Real Stadiums

Generic Stadiums

  • Closed Square Style
  • Division 1 Euro Style
  • Division 1 UK Styles
  • Division 2 Euro Style
  • Division 2 UK Style
  • Division 3 Euro Style
  • Division 3 UK Style
  • Olympic Style
  • Open Square Style
  • Oval Style


All stats were produced by FIFA in June 2005.

Game soundtrack

FIFA Football 2005 features a wide variety of world music on its soundtrack.[2] The songs featured are as follows:

  • Flag of France Air - "Surfing on a Rocket"
  • Flag of Italy Brothers - "Dieci Cento Mille"
  • Flag of Mexico Clorofila of Nortec Collective - "Almada"
  • Flag of Costa Rica Debi Nova - "One Rhythm (Do Yard Riddim Mix)"
  • Flag of England Emma Warren - "She Wants You Back"
  • Flag of England Faithless - "No Roots"
  • Flag of the Netherlands Ferry Corsten - "Rock Your Body, Rock"
  • Flag of the United States Flogging Molly - "To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh)"
  • Flag of Scotland Franz Ferdinand - "Tell Her Tonight"
  • Flag of England Future Funk Squad - "Sorcerary"
  • Flag of Spain Gusanito - "Vive La Vida"
  • Flag of the United States Head Automatica - "Brooklyn Is Burning"
  • Flag of Brazil Inverga + Num Kebra - "Eu Perdi Você"
  • Flag of Brazil Ivete Sangalo - "Sorte Grande"
  • Flag of Australia INXS - "What You Need (Coldcut Force Mix 13 Edit)"
  • Flag of France Jose - "A Necessidade"
  • Flag of Venezuela Los Amigos Invisibles - "Esto Es Lo Que Hay (Reggaeton Remix)"
  • Flag of Spain Mala Rodriguez - "Jugadoras, Jugadores"
  • Flag of Switzerland Mañana - "Miss Evening"
  • Flag of Brazil Marcelo D2 - "Profissão MC"
  • Flag of Denmark Miss J - "Follow Me"
  • Flag of England Morrissey - "Irish Blood, English Heart"
  • Flag of Germany Nachlader - "An die Wand"
  • Flag of England New Order - "Blue Monday"
  • Flag of Germany Oomph! - "Augen Auf!"
  • Flag of England Paul Oakenfold - "Beautiful Goal (EA Sports Football Theme)"
  • Flag of Italy Sandro Bit - "Ciao Sono Io"
  • Flag of Canada Sarah McLachlan - "World on Fire (Junkie XL Remix)"
  • Flag of the United States Scissor Sisters - "Take Your Mama"
  • Flag of Germany Seeed - "Release"
  • Flag of Scotland Sneak Attack Tigers - "The End of All Good"
  • Flag of Spain Sôber - "Cientos de Preguntas"
  • Flag of Japan Soul'd Out - "1,000,000 Monsters Attack"
  • Flag of Sweden The Sounds - "Seven Days a Week"
  • Flag of Sweden The Soundtrack of Our Lives - "Karmageddon"
  • Flag of England The Streets - "Fit But You Know It"
  • Flag of Jamaica Wayne Marshall - "Hot in the Club"
  • Flag of Puerto Rico Zion y Lennox - "Ahora"


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