Userboxes are little tags you can use to identify yourself on your User pages for fun. It is an idea taken from Wikipedia. To cleanly show off your userboxes, enter the following code on your user page:

{{userbox ___}}

An example can be found on User:Evisruc or User:AlphaTwo. All of the userboxes available can be found below:

Console Related

What to type. What is it used for. Usage Documentation
{{Userbox nes}}
NES Owner NEScontroller
(Template talk)
{{Userbox snes}}
SNES Owner SNES Logo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox vb}}
VB1 Virtual Boy Owner VBeyes
(Template talk)
{{Userbox n64}}
Nintendo 64 Owner Nintendo 64 logo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox gamecube}}
GameCube Owner GameCube Logo-square
(Template talk)
{{Userbox wii}}
Nintendo Wii Owner Wii Logo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox sms2}}
Sega Master System II Owner Sms2
(Template talk)
{{Userbox genesis}}
Genesis Owner GenesisLogo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox saturn}}
Saturn Owner Sega Saturn logo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox dreamcast}}
Dreamcast Owner Sega Dreamcast Logo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox ps}}
PlayStation Owner Sony Playstation Logo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox ps2}}
PlayStation 2 Owner Ps2logo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox ps3}}
PlayStation 3 Owner Ps3
(Template talk)
{{Userbox xbox}}
Xbox Owner Xboxlogo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox xbox360}}
Xbox 360 Owner Xbox360 logo
(Template talk)
{{Userbox pc}}
PC Gamer Logowindows

(Template talk)
{{Userbox linux}}
Linux Gamer Tux avatar

(Template talk)
{{Userbox apple}}
Apple Gamer

Apple avatar

(Template talk)
{{Userbox java}}
Java Gamer Java avatar

(Template talk)

Handheld Related

What to type. What is it used for. Usage Documentation
{{Userbox game boy}}
Game Boy Fan Gbolduser

Identify yourself as a fan of the Game Boy

(Template talk)
{{Userbox gba}}
Game Boy Advance Fan Gbaspuser

Identify yourself as a fan of the Game Boy Advance

(Template talk)
{{Userbox Nintendo ds}}
Nintendo DS Owner NDS
(Template talk)
{{Userbox psp}}
PSP Owner Psp
(Template talk)

Friend code boxes

To use the Friend code boxes use the following directions

  1. enter one of the boxtop templates (shown below i.e. {{NintendoWiFiBoxtop}}
  2. to add games enter the title and code {{Friends Code|Game Title = "Enter Title Here" |Code= "Enter code here"}}
  3. After you entered all your games place {{Boxbottom}} below the last game
What to type. What is it used for. Usage Documentation
{{NintendoWiFiBoxtop}} Identify your WiFi friendcodes (Template talk)
{{XBox Gamertag}} Identify your Xbox Gamertag (Template talk)

Game/Series Related

What to type. What is it used for. Usage Documentation
{{Userbox earthbound}}
Spriteness Earthbound Enthusiast

For fans or supporters of the Earthbound game.

(Template talk)
{{Userbox killer7}}
Killer7 melted my brain,
and it felt good

For fans of the video game, Killer7. All 5 of us!

(Template talk)
{{Userbox coh}}
I Wear Spandex Cohlogo

For players of the MMO, City of Heroes. Actual wearing of spandex not required.

(Template talk)
{{Userbox metroid}}
Samus smash bros Metroid Fan Metroid moving logo

For fans of the Metroid series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox unreal}}
Unreal Tournament Unreal logo

For fans of the Unreal series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox pokemon}}
Pokéball Gotta Catch'em All! Pokemon logo

For people who play Pokémon RTS and related games

(Template talk)
{{Userbox zelda}}
Mudora Legend of Zelda Linkart

For fans of the The Legend of Zelda series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox quake}}
Quake logo QUAKE Quake logo

For fans of the Quake Series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox mario}}
Mario Fan Mario04

For fans of the Mario series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox mariokart}}
Super mario kart lakitugo Mario Kart Player Super mario kart mariospin

For fans of the Mario Kart series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox gta}}
GTA Fan GTA Logo

For fans of the Grand Theft Auto series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox cnc}}
Command conquer logo Time to Rock'n Roll!

For fans of Command & Conquer

(Template talk)
{{Userbox halo}}
Halo logo Halo Rocks! Halo keystone

For fans of the Halo series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox ff7}}
Cloud Strife adventchildern Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth

For fans of Final Fantasy VII

(Template talk)
{{Userbox ddr}}

For fans of DDR

(Template talk)
{{Userbox splintercell}}
Splinter cell logo Splinter Cell Agent

For fans of Splinter Cell

(Template talk)
{{Userbox ghostrecon}}
Ghost recon logo Special Forces

For fans of Ghost Recon

(Template talk)
{{Userbox rainbow6}}
Rainbow Six logo Counter-terrorism Unit

For fans of Rainbow Six

(Template talk)
{{Userbox halflife}}
Half-life Half-Life Freeman

For fans of the Half-Life series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox cs}}
Logo cs Lock & Load Csmapdust2

For fans of Counter-Strike

(Template talk)
{{Userbox kirby}}
Kirby Kirby

For fans of Kirby series

(Template talk)
{{Userbox starcraft}}
Scbox Starcraft Scraftbroodwarcover

For fans of Starcraft

(Template talk)
{{Userbox 007}}
007 logo Licence to Kill 007 logo

For fans of James Bond games

(Template talk)
{{Userbox Starwars}}
Star Wars Logo Use the Force

For fans of Star Wars games

(Template talk)
{{Userbox Patapon}}
Patapon-Yumipon PATAPON FAN Tatepon

for fans of Patapon games or PATA-FANS

(Template talk)

Character Related

What to type. What is it used for. Usage Documentation
{{Userbox ike}}
IkeFE I Like Ike! IkeFE

For fans of Ike of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

(Template talk)
{{Userbox kefkacult}}
Klaughbig Member of the Cult of Kefka! Klaughbig

Join the Cult of Kefka! UWHEE HEE HEE!

(Template talk)
{{Userbox koac}}

We are so splendid! Our fans love Us, The King of All Cosmos!

(Template talk)


What to type. What is it used for. Usage Documentation
{{Userbox pa}}
Penny Arcade Reader Pareader

Show that you read the gaming webcomic, Penny Arcade.

(Template talk)
{{Userbox move}}
Mushroomup2 I Survived The Move!

Shows that you came from before the site was moved. You were not one of the hundreds of accounts lost. When the address used to be ""

(Template talk)
{{Userbox move2}}
GameinfoWiki I Survived the Wikia Move! Egamia logo2

Shows that you came from GameInfo or Egamia before the wikia merge

(Template talk)
{{Userbox USA}}
Flag of United States This user Resides in the USA

Shows that the user resides in the United States

(Template talk)
{{Userbox Canada}}
Flag of Canada This user Resides in Canada

Shows that the user resides in Canada

(Template talk)
{{Userbox Europe}}
European flag This user Resides in Europe

Shows that the user resides in Europe

(Template talk)
{{Userbox Australia}}
Flag of Australia This user Resides in Australia

Shows that the user resides in Australia

(Template talk)
{{Userbox Japan}}
Flag of Japan This user Resides in Japan

Shows that the user resides in Japan

(Template talk)
{{Userbox Wikipedia}}
Wikipedia-logo This user has a wikipedia account here

Shows that the user has a Wikipedia account

(Template talk)
{{Userbox game collection}}
Egamia logo2 This user has a Game Collection here

Shows the user's game collection

(Template talk)
{{Userbox steam}}
Steam-icon This user has a Steam account: {{{1}}}

Shows the users Steam account

(Template talk)
{{Userbox psn}}
Psn This user has a PSN account: {{{1}}}

Shows the users PSN account

(Template talk)