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User pages are used to indicate what games a user owns or is currently playing. It also indicates the users gaming preferences. The user page is used to show general information about a user. It can also show information on what the are working on and what they have made.

You can find your user page with the link at the top of every page, or by following this link. Most people use user pages to give information about themselves and their interests and keep links to useful things.

User Subpages can also be made, to do this type "[[User:Name/Subpage name]]" somewhere in you're user page.

User pages are not for personal blogs or spam, but personal information is allowed (just don't add pictures or a lots of things not pertaining to gaming).

To show your edits you can either list them or type [[Special:Contributions/User Name]] (replace User name with your own name) Be aware that all pages on this wiki can be picked up by Google and other search engines, and are available under the CC-BY-SA, so keep that in mind when you write.


You may not use your user page for any content that is prohibited on Wikia. This includes copyright violations, pornography, excessive advertising, promotion of illegal activities, and hate speech. See the prohibited content page on Central for more detail on this.

Other policies for what you can and can't have on your user page should be by community decision, and will differ on every Wikia. However, most communities allow users to do whatever they would like with their userpages, within Wikia policy.

Editing user pagesEdit

User pages are still wiki pages, so they are open for everyone to edit. Most people will ask before making major changes to someone else's user page though. Small changes, like formatting fixes or spelling corrections, are absolutely fine, and can be done freely — it's always nice to find your user page improved.

Discussion pagesEdit

Discussion pages on user pages are for discussing information about the site and edits. Do not have edit wars on these pages or you may possibly be banned. Once the page is very long you may archive it by typing "[User talk:Name/Archive number]" somewhere in you're talk page, and then copy-paste the old comments to the archive.

Gaming InfoEdit

Your gaming info such as what games you are playing or your game collection can be added to your user page. You can also fill you page with userboxes which can be gotten here. User boxes indicate your milestones, history, and perspectives on this site, the games you have played, and the region you are from. You can also add WFC Friend Code info on your user page.

Changing your signatureEdit

To change your signature to display a different color or words

  1. first going into your preferences.
  2. Type in any valid wiki-syntax (except templates, external links and images) into the "Signature" field, and check "Raw signature".

Example: to add a link to your talk page in your signature, use [[User:Example|Example]] ([[User talk:Example|talk]]). To add colours to your signature, use the standard HTML syntax (CSS or <font>). For example, you can type <font color="green">[[User talk:Example|talk]]</font> to give your signature a green talk page link.