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For other Templates, see:

  • Useful Templates (General) - General Wiki administration templates, such as flagging a page for clean up.
  • Useful Templates (Infobox) - General Infobox templates, allows displaying information, such as game information, or character information.
  • Useful Templates (Games) - Specific Game templates, such as game series templates, or game specific templates.
  • Useful Templates (Helper) - Helper templates. Most of these are not of importance to most users.
  • Userboxes

and the general Wikia templates site w:c:templates.

Information Box Templates

What to type Optional fields What it is used for Usage documentation
{{CharacterInfobox}} Yes (Some Required) Basic Infobox for character articles. (Template talk)
{{CompanyInfobox}} No Displays infobox for gaming-related companies. (Template talk)
{{ElementInfobox}} Some (Required) Displays infobox for in-game items, magic and locations. (Template talk)
{{EventInfobox}} Lots (Required) Displays infobox for gaming and video gaming events. (Template talk)
{{GameInfobox}} A dozen (Required) Displays infobox for games and video games. (Template talk)
{{HardwareInfobox}} Lots (Required) Displays infobox for video game systems and for Peripherals. (Template talk)
{{MediaInfobox}} Some (Required) Displays infobox for books, comics, films and soundtracks. (Template talk)
{{MerchandiseInfobox}} Lots (Required) Displays infobox for gaming and video gaming merchandise. (Template talk)
{{Navigation}} Yes Game subpages (Template talk)
{{PersonInfobox}} Lots (Required) Displays infobox for people involved with gaming and video gaming. (Template talk)
{{SoftwareInfobox}} Some (Required) Displays infobox for applications. (Template talk)
{{WebsiteInfobox}} Some (Required) Displays infobox for website. (Template talk)

See Useful Templates (Helper) for other optional fields.