This is an article where the overall site direction is laid down. The elements on this page are not necessarily written in stone for all time. There is a subverse for Encyclopedia Gamia on Voat located here; any and all discussion on the site is welcome, including feedback on policies enacted, and the direction the site is headed in.

What do we document?

The primary focus of this wiki is on video games. However, all gaming is welcome, including role-play games (both digital and 'traditional'), board games, card games, etc.

To that end, every game should have an article. Companies involved with developing, publishing, and distributing games should also be documented. Software involved with video gaming should also be documented (such as DirectX). Operating systems can also be documented, but should at least include information related to video gaming (such as improvements that they brought).

Articles are to be documented in English; if users wish to translate information into their own language, they are encouraged to use the relevant inter-wiki link for this Wiki in their appropriate language.

How do we document?

The wiki focuses on the use of primary sources. More information can be found here.

As detailed in the above link, certain sites are not permitted to be used as sources due to their questionable article quality. An audience can only be informed when the information is presented with a (relative) freedom from bias or agenda. Primary sources are preferred because these sources are the origin of information.

What do we not document?

In short, anything not related directly or indirectly to gaming. While this is vague, this is intentionally so; gaming as a term is huge.

The ability to document walkthroughs of video games is included so as to accommodate legacy content from earlier in the Wiki's history (as well as from several smaller Wikis that were merged into it). However, it is preferred that users who require in-depth information use dedicated Wikis for that game (or franchise), if such a Wiki(s) exists.

What is the 'end goal'

The ultimate aim of this Wiki is to be a complete documentation source for video games, their origins, developments, releases and ratings by the appropriate organisations.