Closed Nominations

The following are adminship requests which have been closed.

These discussions are kept as an archive. Please do not edit them.

Requests for adminship/Conker's Bad Fur Day/1Conker's Bad Fur Dayunsuccessful
Requests for adminship/Jagged85/1Jagged85successful
Requests for adminship/Jedi Master Yoda/1Jedi Master Yodaunsuccessful
Requests for adminship/Jello Rabbit/1Jello Rabbitunsuccessful
Requests for adminship/Jínx/1Jínxsuccessful
Requests for adminship/RedMist0765/1RedMist0765unsuccessful
Requests for adminship/Sawyerz/1Sawyerzsuccessful
Requests for adminship/Snowyy/1Snowyyunsuccessful
Requests for adminship/TwoTailedFox/1TwoTailedFoxsuccessful
Requests for adminship/TwoTailedFox/2TwoTailedFoxsuccessful
Requests for adminship/Zmario/1Zmariosuccessful
Requests for adminship/Zmario/2Zmariosuccessful
Requests for adminship/pebbleswikia/1pebbleswikiaunsuccessful

If you wish to nominate someone who has been nominated before, create a new request page rather than editing the old one. It is recommended that you wait a significant amount of time and see how the user has progressed before renominating.