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This is a page of Requested pages that have not been created on The Encyclopedia Gamia. If you want to create the page please type your page name in the search then click edit (the third tab on the top and write information brief about the page. These pages must be games or game related.

If you want to request a page please copy the text below:

#{{[[Name of your page]]}}

After you have copied the page below click edit on the right side of the page next to page request. Then post the copied text and on the part that says "Name of your page" write the name of the page you were trying to find.

Note: Your page must be a valid game or game related item. No mod or fan site advertisements

Page RequestEdit

Post your request below

Vagrant Story & Vagrant Story Workshops Edit

There is a main Wikia article on the Square Co. Playstation Vagrant Story game, but no Wikia Gaming article. When I tried to make a WG article, and was all ready to Save Page, it sent me correctly to Here, but if you do a test edit and see, you may end up at the same place I did, at a page with a Special tab and no way to navigate anywhere, and of course, the page not saved. The final page has the same URL, so I cannot give you a link. I have it all on Notepad, ready to go; it is basically a painstakingly edited for red links copy-paste of the Wikipedia article, with a fancy background and font, and links to Vagrant Story: Titles and the other article I want to write, Vagrant Story Workshop (I recently discovered a giant chart of weapon combinations that I made years ago). Workshops is a term from the game, along with Combine, and in that sense, more suitable than the more common term of Crafting, as well as allowing the article to discuss Workshop locations and materials capabilities. Thank you for your consideration.