Today, on November 30, 2007, Encyclopedia Gamia was moved to Wikia and merged with

This page details what still has to be done and aims to answer any questions you may have regarding the current situation.

User accounts

Most Egamia users should be able to use their old account names. However, a few usernames were already present in Wikia's shared user database, and so those Egamia users had to be renamed during the import. If you find that you cannot login using your old username, please try to use EGAMIA-[your_old_username] and your old password.

Also, some users will need to generate new passwords, as the old ones were kept in the forum DB and are not retrievable. (If this doesn't work, see below).

Conflicting articles

There were over 200 articles which caused conflicts, i.e. an article with the same name already existed in Gameinfo.

These existing pages were renamed to be subpages of this article. See the full list of conflicts. Entries in italics have already been resolved.

Feel free to move them around, merge them with Egamia content or substitute one for the other.

Reporting bugs and filing requests

If you see something wrong or want something changed on the site that the admins cannot do, we're here to help.

When reporting a bug, be sure to give at least one example of the erratic behavior. This not only makes it easier to identify the problem, but also lets us check if the issue has been resolved correctly, rather than asking you to verify.

Bug reports should go to TOR's talk page and requests should go to Angela's.

Issues resolved

Gameinfo images 
A slight bug in our import script prevented image thumbs from being created. This has now been fixed. --TOR@fandom 12:49, 3 December 2007 (UTC)
Category problems 
Category pages were not populated correctly after the merge. I did a manual refresh earlier today. Big thanks to Garrett for reporting this. TOR@fandom 20:54, 4 December 2007 (UTC)

Known issues

None at the time


For questions regarding Wikia's policies and the move in general, please contact Wikia's Community Team.

Your main contact on this team is Angela@fandom. You can reach her by:

For technical issues and problems, the person you're looking for is TOR@fandom, a member of Wikia's Tech Team.

You can reach TOR by:

He is available weekdays, usually from about 12 AM to 7 PM CET.