Encyclopedia Gamia has its own IRC channel! (for those of you that are lost, check here). You can access it from this link if you have an IRC client, or click here if you don't, making sure to input #gamia as the channel. If you need a place to chat about games or this wiki, IRC is definitely the place to go.

Helpful Info

  • If you're new to IRC ('s IRC server in particular), you may want to check out the documentation on their site.
  • Carry out commands in IRC by typing with a leading forward slash. For example, /msg SomeNick Hello would send a private message containing "Hello" to the person named "SomeNick". Please try to avoid messaging random people because the channel might be inactive.
  • You are highly encouraged to register your IRC nickname once you join so that nobody can steal it and use it for themselves. Type /msg nickserv help register once on IRC for more info.
  • After you register, you need to identify every time you go back on to prove that the nickname is yours, this is done by /msg nickserv identify password, where password is the password you chose at registration.
  • NOTE: when using identify, MAKE SURE that there is a leading slash, you don't want to accidentally say your password.
  • If you need help and there is nobody on #gamia, try joining #wikia instead. Type /join #wikia once on IRC to get there.
  • Keep in mind that there may be topical channels for the game you're looking for. For example Fallout or Halo have their own IRC channels. You can either refer to the specific wiki for channel information or check the dropdown lists at here and here.