Encyclopedia Gamia (previously known as Wikia Gaming) is the end result of the merger between Encyclopedia Gamia, Gameinfo, Cheatbase, and an older site by the name Wikia Gaming.

Original site rationales


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Encyclopedia Gamia (original incarnation)


Encyclopedia Gamia logo

Encyclopedia Gamia was started in 2005 by Achernar while contributed to, at first, by members of the Penny Arcade forums.

It was a wiki intended to be a source of information for all types of games: Video games, Computer games, Trading Card games, Pen & paper games, Board games and more. Things relating to these topics were welcome too, such as information on consoles, video game voice actors, or even TV shows related to gaming and its subculture.


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Wikia Gaming

Wikia Gaming was created by Wikia (now FANDOM), and was intended as a "Hub Wiki", or central nexus point where users could find crucial information about a given video game, and then be led to another wiki on Wikia's network if the user desired additional information on that game or fandom.

Current site rationale

These wikis were all amalgamated under the banner of "Encyclopedia Gamia", but because of the diverse nature of content now compared to the original namesake, this Wiki is considered to be a new wiki rather than a continuation of the original Encyclopedia Gamia.

Encyclopedia Gamia treats video games and their different editions separately, mainly for Semantic data purposes, as they will often have different release dates, and may occasionally differ in ratings, specification requirements and functionality offered.

The wiki will eventually be used for documenting the use of real-life terminology (such as weapons, elements on the periodic table, etc).

What's the difference between Encyclopedia Gamia and Wikipedia?

  • Our site is focused on Gaming entirely; we strive to cover anything related to gaming and video gaming.
    • As an example - Looking up DOOM in Wikipedia will bring you information and facts about the game and the series. Looking up DOOM on Encyclopedia Gamia in the future will not just bring you facts and information about the game, but everything that's related to it: Such as the DOOM: The Boardgame, Doom the Movie and even games that are related to it by heritage (like HeXen, which shares the same engine).
  • Our notability criteria are a lot less strict. We want to maintain a neutral point of view throughout our articles, but we also want interesting information that would never come up on Wikipedia, such as cheat codes.
    • As an example - Games like Uniracers and Iggy's Reckin' Balls would never be linked together on Wikipedia as there are no related connections between the two games. Such cross-promotion between similar games, mechanics or designs are often neglected at Wikipedia, as they are not "facts".
  • We haven't forgotten Wikia Gaming's heritage, and we still very much strive to link to communities elsewhere on FANDOM.
  • The wiki also features a Codex system for sub-pages that allow video game information to be written, such as items, locations, characters, etc.
  • A walkthrough framework is also in place, allowing users to contribute toward a collective walkthrough of the video game in question. Ideally, walkthroughs should be tailored for completionists, achievement hunters, and those that require a minimum amount of direction.
  • For older games, this wiki can serve as a repository of information held within help files (files with the .HLP or .CHM file extension), as well as within text files released with video games of old.

Why use Encyclopedia Gamia over Wikipedia?

A common criticism of Encyclopedia Gamia is that people might as well use Wikipedia. There are benefits to Encyclopedia Gamia and crucial differences between the two:

  • Encyclopedia Gamia is gaming-focused; when you type "Frog" into Wikipedia, you will not get the Chrono Trigger character right away. When you type Rupee you will not get the Legend of Zelda currency.
  • While Encyclopedia Gamia may not be very useful, at the moment, for looking up game information, it is a great place to go if you want to write about your favourite games.
  • You can also find components such as weapons and units in particular games and get a better perspective of the gameplay.

What Encyclopedia Gamia is not

Encyclopedia Gamia is not...

  • ...a general-content encyclopedia. (perhaps you're looking for Wikipedia?)
  • image-hosting site. Images must conform to our Fair use policy to be used here.
  • ...a platform used for promoting, persuading, informing or otherwise advertising goods or other services. This is considered spam, and violators will be subjected to immediate action.
  • ...a place for fan-pages. Those can be added to fanon wikis.