Series of primarily fighting games, made by Team Ninja. The series is famous for it's high quality graphics,interactive levels, tag matches,it's rock/paper/scissors balance, and let's face it: the bouncing breasts of the female characters.

Fighting Games

  • Dead or Alive - The original DOA game.
  • Dead or Alive++ - The last Dead or Alive 1 based game. Coming out only a few short months before DOA2, it was a hybrid of DOA1 and DOA2. It is the most advanced in hold directions and was the first to universalize the throw command and offensive hold command. Only made in arcades.
  • Dead or Alive 2 - The first true "sequel" to Dead or Alive, featuring new characters, much better looking levels and graphics, and four person tag matches.
  • Dead or Alive 3 - Considering to be one of the best looking Xbox games, DOA3 featured even more characters, even better looking stages, new move types (Air grabs, variable length charge-up moves) and a tightened up control scheme.
  • Dead or Alive: Ultimate - Includes a port of the Sega Saturn version of DOA with internet play, and a visually upgraded version of Dead or Alive 2 that includes some features from DOA3 (the character Hitomi, enhanced controls) as well as internet play.
  • Dead or Alive 4 - The latest sequel, due out in fall for the Xbox 360. Once again the game will feature even better looking levels and characters, several new characters and new gameplay features.


  • Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball - A rather unconventional Volleyball game that functions more as a light relationship simulator.
  • Ninja Gaiden - A nortoriously difficult third-person action game starring Ryu Hayabusa and featuring repeated appearances by DOA's Ayane.
  • Dead or Alive: Code Chronos - Not much is known about this game, as it has been put onto the backburner until DOA4 comes out.