Battle of Shadows (formerly Darkness and Light or DAL, but not to be confused with the MMORPG, Dark and Light) was a free MMORTS developed by N-Log Inc. and published by GameOn. Due to some unknown reasons, Darkness and Light terminated all its SEA services (forums, website, etc.) and the game servers on April 30, 2008.[1] This, as well as CDC USA's termination of their North American service in September 2007, is believed to be due to financial issues within N-Log Soft, the developer.


In this game, you can choose a character and raise a battlefield hero by repelling the enemies with strong weapons and magic skills. The objective of DAL (much like to that of Shattered Galaxy) is to conquer the base camp of the opponent. The concept of DAL is based on the final war between the power of the dark and the light, and the world view and the atmosphere of the Middle Ages as well as the characters and UI are adopted to the bird's eye view of a normal RTS game. Darkness and Light (D.A.L.) stays true to the MMORTS genre. Unlike normal RTS games, Darkness and Light (D.A.L.) limits the amount of units the player can control. While other MMORTSs, like Shattered Galaxy and Ballerium, limits the control to only a squad. Darkness And Light (D.A.L.) allows only one character to be controlled by the player, which is based on the AoS concept. This has drawn complaints from some people,accusing D.A.L of just being a copy of the aforementioned games.

Like MMORPGs, Darkness and Light (D.A.L.) also includes various versions of battle scenarios and unique episodes to attract the interest of the players.[2]


Like most MMOGs, Darkness and Light (D.A.L.) has a background story. The story of Darkness And Light is based on a time before science denied all superstitions and magic through a movement called the Industrial Revolution. When magic dealt with the supernatural mysteries, science excludes senseless voluntariness conflicted with each other while being developed, the people who transcended human power detected potential danger of the world. Along this story, the game depicts the antagonism between the transcenders and the human.

Note: The game's name has changed to Battle of Shadows for the US version.


There are four different classes in Darkness and Light. Each with their own heroes and characteristics.

  • Vampire [3]
  • Werewolf
  • Mage
  • Hunter

There's two factions in Darkness and Light (D.A.L.): light and dark. What side you fight on depends on the hero you chose to play as.

Vampires and Hunters are main race of each side, but Werewolves and Mages are in both.

  • Vampire in Darkness - ???
  • Werewolf in Darkness - Minions of the Destruction
  • Mage in Darkness - Arcane Secret
  • Hunter in Light - ???
  • Werewolf in Light - Sons of the Gaea
  • Mage in Light - Scientia


Darkness and Light doesn't allow you to build (or customize) an avatar, instead the player has to choose a preset character.


  • Asiz - Wandering Beast: Melee STR character / Darkness
  • Bloondy - Brood Mother: Ranged INT character / Darkness
  • Balohan - Lord of Ice: Melee STR character / Darkness
  • Isabelle - Blue Blood: Ranged INT character / Darkness
  • Veron - Psychosis: Ranged DEX character / Darkness
  • Arca&Umi - Assaulter: Meele DEX character / Darkness

Werewolf in Darkness

  • Stinger - Dark Quaker: Melee DEX character / Darkness
  • Zenna - Volcanoes: Melee STR character / Darkness

Mage in Darkness

  • Belerop - Pagan: Ranged INT character / Darkness
  • Lien - Soul Cry: Ranged INT character / Darkness
  • Arina - Dark Mage: Ranged INT character / Darkness


  • Lobelia - Blaze Guardian: Ranged INT character / Light
  • Junas - Storm Warrior: Melee STR character / Light
  • Lorraine - Divine Hunter: Ranged DEX character / Light
  • Ireine - Assassin: Melee DEX character / Light
  • Rostin - Black Hammer: Melee STR character / Light

Werewolf in Light

  • Terabellum - Land Descendent: Melee STR character / Light
  • Dorothy - Lost Strider: Ranged INT character / Light

Mage in Light

  • Peiah - Lightning Nova: Ranged INT character / Light
  • Ajax - Samana: Melee DEX character / Light
  • Seira - Spirit Dancer: Ranged DEX character / Light
  • Jiyan - Sage: Ranged INT character / Light


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