Animaniacs Game Pack features five arcade games starring the Animaniacs.

Belchinator Too

This game stars Wakko as the protagonist and The Brain as the antagonist. The Brain has once again decided to attempt world domination by creating robots using the Acme Labs.

Level Name New Enemy
1 Loading Docks Dump-T
2 Storage Fork-Face
3 Manufacturing Spark-E
4 Factory PopCycle
5 Computer Center Ashcan 451
6 Brain Trust Bun-EE 2000
7 The Terrible Think Tank!! The Think Tank & KnowBots

Prop Shop Drop

This game stars Yakko in his attempt to collect props for movies using a bicycle, motorcycle with sidecar, and a mini racing car.

# Movie Prop Number of Props on Map
1 Sunny Side Up Eggs
2 La Cage Aux Cowpokes Cowboy Hats
3 Medical Kits
4 Umbrellas
5 Flying Saucers
6 Potatoes
7 Ice
8 Skeletons
9 Bed Pans


Smoocher stars Dot as she

Level Name # Bad Guys Description New Enemy New Enemy Stun Minimum
1 Shopping Brawl Smooch Ralph the Guard
once to stun him!
Ralph the Guard 1
2 Caught on a Hot Fun Roof Dr. Scratchinsniff takes
two smooches to stun!
Dr. Scratchinsniff 2
3 Helloooo Hospital! Hello Nurse takes three
smooches to stun!
Hello Nurse 3
4 Coo-Coo Cabana The Goodfeathers only need one
smooch to stun but they aren't
restricted by platforms!
Goodfeathers 1
5 Construction Zone

Baloney's Balloon Bop

Baloney's Balloon Bop stars all three of the Animaniacs as they try to pop all balloons using a trampoline held by Wakko and Dot, bouncing Yakko. If Yakko misses the trampoline and falls onto Baloney, he will lose a life.

Level Area

Tee Off Golf

This resembles your standard Mini-Golf video game with Dot as the teer.

Hole Name
1 Piece of Cake