Angelique is a group of GxB dating sim videogames developed by Ruby Party, which has been extensively remade, re-released, and ported to other platforms. They all share the same basic content and tell the same story, but with different elaborations.



Released on:

The inaugural Angelique game and the first release from the developer Ruby Party.

Angelique Special

Released on:

A renovated version of KOEI's first Angelique game, Angelique Special featured several new animated scenes, in addition to voice acting by several big-name seiyuu. This version appeared on PC-FX, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, plus a hard-to-find PC version. Among the new animated scenes were several love events that were not present in the original game. Others included the opening sequence and the endings.

This is also the first (and currently only) title in the Angelique series to have an official translation-a Chinese language version exists for PC.

Angelique Voice Fantasy

Released on:

Angelique Voice Fantasy included a special CD and deck add-on called Voicer-kun, which allowed for the addition of voice acting. The game contents are otherwise identical to the original Super Famicom release.

Angelique Duet

Released on:

Angelique Duet allows the player to choose the usual heroine, Angelique Limoges, or her rival Rosalia de Catargena, as the main character.ja:アンジェリーク