Air-Sea Battle is a game released for the Atari 2600. It is an adaptation of the arcade game Anti-Aircraft, released in 1975 by Atari.


Air-Sea Battle consists of several different types of target shooting games:

  • Anti-Aircraft -- you aim your anti-aircraft gun at passing airplanes, shooting them at various altitudes for points.
  • Torpedo -- you aim your submarine torpedoes at watercraft, shooting them at various distances for points.
  • Shooting Gallery -- instead of aircraft, your anti-aircraft gun is now shooting at various carnival-style shooting gallery targets.
  • Polaris -- you control ships in the sea firing at various types of aircraft.
  • Bomber -- you fly airplanes that drop bombs on various types of watercraft.
  • Polaris Vs. Bomber -- one player controls a plane, the other controls a ship; both of which must try to hit each other the most times.