Year 2006

Duke Nukem Forever is now in its 9th year of production, it was expected to be released this year, but slipped again.

Console Hardware Releases


XBox 360 with Controller

Xbox 360



Console Hardware Non-Releases

Infinium Labs

Gaming Related PC Hardware Releases

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Notable Software Releases

The fashion world's entry into the video game industry.
The first non-Pokemon release from Game Freak since the NES days.
First Tales of series game released outside of Japan since Tales of Symphonia.
The largely hyped, innovative, musical toy, championed by Nintendo as an example of what unique concepts the DS is capable of having.
The next installment of the fan favorite Dead or Alive series, and Xbox 360 hit.

Key Events

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See May 2006 for more details.

Videogame Sales

Video game sales


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Ten best-selling DS games of 2006:[8]



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